The Left’s New Theme Is That Trump Supporting Iranian Demonstrators Is a Bad Thing


The Editor: Is this about repairing something or your future intentions, LL ?

Confused Cat: I DON’T KNOW–I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Our loyal readers can figure it out. The killers at Boeing are now putting in a bid to service electric-chairs or maybe that is where they got their electrical engineers.

Fired Boeing CEO will get more than $60 million

TE: What is going on in Sweden CC, are they having a Pillsbury bake-off ?

Las Vegas Cat: In Las Vegas lingo they are ” cooking the books “. Chicago is an even better example, instead of saying someone was shot they say Band-Aids were issued. In the House of Representatives Nadler would be the stupid Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Chelsea Clinton is getting some home cooking.

There is no such thing as” one person one vote ” when illegals cancel yours. The governor of New York needs a heads-up.

Fix this computer.

A Helmeted Gunman Overtook a Store to Rob It. Thanks to an Armed Customer and a Lot of Bullets, Boy Did It Not Go the Way He Planned (Video)

China loves Apple, move along— there are no mysteries or child slaves here.


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