Ouch: President Trump Now Has a Higher Approval Rating Than the Media

Michael Bloomberg’s face in the meatballs looks like a likeness of Jesus found in Cheetos.

Michael Bloomberg Had a Horrible Debate Without Attending — His Campaign Twitter Account Goes Off the Rails Last Night



The Editor: Is this just news reports, LL ?

Changes Cat: Yes, it’s just various reports that our computer red-flagged.

Sometimes reality does imitate art. If you support terrorist you are a terrorist or stupid.

Hilarious! ‘Ayatollah Schumeini’ Indignant After Trump Retweets Edited Photo of Him and Pelosi Wearing Turban, Headscarf

The temperature of humans might be changing.

There is more Greenland news.

This is for the man who wants to make a statement, and has a lot of extra money.

So, you want to be a Prince, Princess, or Duke ?

The Democrats have a job for Harry, if he brings his teenage uniform. They need poll workers.

BK has a job for Harry.

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