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The Editor: Why do people cheat, LL ?

Honest Cat: They have few morals. They break rules or values to benefit themselves, usually through lying or deceit. They want an edge.

TE: Can you give our loyal readers an example, HC ?

I sure can, here is an example from one of Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors trying to get an edge.

Here are a bunch of millionaires fired for cheating. Everyone but Trump was involved.

Here is a professional golfer trying for an edge, improving the lie on a ball.

Golf fans aren’t happy with Patrick Reed over bunkergate

This is another millionaire trying for an edge, a corked baseball bat.

The ” Golden Age ” of sports has passed. The ” Golden Age ” of the Democrats cheating and lying in Congress is here.

Pelosi Pulls a ‘Schiff’: Lies on the House Floor About What the Ukraine Call Transcript Says

Monroe Covered Bridge

WGN 48-32-01 – Monroe CB – West Virginia – built in 1911 by Lewis Miller (abutments), Robert Arnott (bridge) in Monroe Co spanning Laurel Creek off Laural Ck. Rd., 1 span, 25 ft. long, very unusual queenpost trusses

Laurel Creek is the shortest authentic covered bridge in West Virginia. It was built of oak for $365 and completed in August 1911. A steel deck was added in 1976, but removed during renovations in 2000 by Hoke Brothers of Union, WV. The 2000 renovation cost $248,692.