The Editor: That is a great title, LL, did you think it up ?

Gettysburg Cat: I would have, but Lincoln thought of it years ago.

Here is one person along with the other traitors that will be little noted nor long remembered.

We are in a Civil War between those who want to keep America Great and those who want to make her a dumping ground third world society. I almost forgot, they also want to overthrow the President and the people who voted for him.

These miscreants will be gone soon, and probably their family won’t even remember them. Does anyone remember any Congress members from twenty ( 20 ) years ago ?

TE: I remember Harry Reid and the Democrats changing the 60 vote rule in the Senate. Thanks Harry and you dems for our new Supremes and Federal Judges.

This case will decide Atlanta’s future growth ( Lake Lanier ).

Tesla has some judicial problems. The fired Boeing people must have been hired by Tesla.

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