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I believe the word “racist” is the most over-used and abused word circulating in our country today. I am considering hypnosis. I will ask my hypnotist to put me under, then give me the suggestion that my brain always transposes the word racist to the word Sweetheart. People will get quite irritated when they call me racist and I smile and fall in love with them.

Anything can trigger action of this R word now. I do believe I could say, “President Trump gave a great speech at the White House today” and MSM would identify me as a racist because my sentence contained the word, white.  Just for the record, I am not responsible for making Angel Food cake white while Devil’s Food cake is chocolate. I did not bring terrible storms from the black clouds while beautiful sunshine radiates around the white puffy clouds. I was not even the one who discovered black holes in our universe. I have never sold or bought untaxed cigarettes, rhinoceros horns, marijuana, fake identification records, elephant tusks, illegal drugs, or tiger skins on something called The Black Market. I have never blacklisted, blackballed or blackmailed anyone.

Remember our pal, Jussie Smollett? The case where a black actor paid two brown people to put on white face and a red hat, pour bleach on him and beat him up. Now the two brown people are upset with the black actor because he will not admit the truth and they are filing a law suit against the black actor for implying that they (the brown people) are lying. It is odd that, not once, have I heard either of these participants called racist.

Maybe Noah actually started this dilemma. Perhaps he should have sent a crow with the dove to fetch the olive branch. In Noah’s defense, due to the heavy rains and rocking boat, he probably did not realize that centuries later…. we would have encompassing social media with idiotic reporters that would prove to be “AS CRAZY AS OUTHOUSE RATS!”



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