Afghanistan Vet Brian Mast Shames Democrat Hearing on Suliemani Killing Into Silence With One Question


The Editor: Is this a special Bond issue, LL ?

From The Ukraine With Love Cat: No, it’s just entertainment. I hope one day the liberal rats learn that almost everything is based on the past. Make your own symbols and heroes/heroines. Bond is fine.

‘James Bond’ Producer Stirred Leftists Who are Shaken – Declares The British Spy Should Remain a Man

‘No Time to Die’: A Rare In-Depth Interview With the Keepers of James Bond

Here are some Bond Women.

Here is more entertainment news.

Besides the murders this passes for entertainment in Chi-Town. I couldn’t decide if they have too many different minority groups for the amount of available contracts or vice versa.

With Mayor Lightfoot Considering Gay Set-Asides, Chicago Is Running Out of People To Disfavor For City Contracts – Updated

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