Monroe Covered Bridge

WGN 48-32-02 – Monroe CB – West Virginia- built in 1898 by E.P. & A.P. Smith with Ray & Oscar Weikel in Monroe Co. spanning Indian Creek off Seneca Trail S., 1 span, 51 ft. long, Queenpost trusses

Various dates have been listed for the construction of this bridge. The Monroe County Historical Society indicates that it was built in 1898 while other sources use 1893 or 1903. E.P. & A.P. Smith built the abutments for their nephew’s Ray & Oscar Weikel’s wooden structure. If the local legend that Oscar was 16 and Ray, 18 when they built the bridge, then the 1898 date would be the most likely one. Their uncles, who owned a nearby sawmill, provided the lumber and warrantied their work. The bridge cost $403 to construct. It was bypassed in 1929 according to the Monroe County Historical Society. The historical society hired a brother of the original builders to strengthen the bridge and add a new oak shingle roof after they acquired it in 1965. The roof was replaced in 2000 by Hoke Brothers Construction of Union, West Virginia, along with other repairs and a new glued laminated wood deck.


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