Ghislaine’s little ” black book ” will keep her alive if several copies are hidden. Prince Andrew has an opening for a Princess in his family.

Who’s Going to Be Exposed? Ghislaine Maxwell’s Emails Hacked, Info on Epstein Clients Could Be Released

Biden Makes Troubling Comments About Military, China: ‘We Don’t Need Standing Armies’


The Editor: For our new readers, what is Mojo, LL ?

Hex Cat: It’s a gift from another dimension. Here is a company named Mojo.

Schumer appears to be using Mojo in the Senate. Loyal reader MST points out that he is talking to John McCain’s ghost.

“Get out of my seat, McCain…you are worthless to me now!”

People Are Zaprudering a Video That Appears to Show Chuck Schumer Gesture to … an Invisible Person (Watch)

Pocahontas is beating the war drums of impeachment.

Georgia, USA has a sense of humor.

Cops find Schumer and other dems looking for a ride to Pigleosi’s place.

These are drawings of cats, and a mascot cat for Pigleosi.

Jubilee will be Schiff’s new mascot.

KFC is just as Christian as the other companies.

Snakes are not sociable.

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