Poor John Bolton and the sleazy NY Slimes.  Their lies about Trump were released on the same day that Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash.  It’s the Princess Di effect.  Mother Teresa died at the same time as Di, but we didn’t know she died until a week later.


The Editor:  Does our government hide things, LL ?

Mars Cat:  They sure do, they hide more stuff than Mars, Inc. has M&M candy.

They should be giving something healthy, like protein bars or similar snacks.

This is funny.

TE:  Does the House Of Representatives (HOR) have a candy desk, HC ?

Peanut Butter Cup Cat:  I couldn’t find any evidence that they do.  Our loyal readers might recall that there are a few different customs between the House and Senate.  The House no longer has a Page system, where teenage children of supporters were allowed to learn about politics.  The House abolished the Page system in 2011, after years of sexual abuse by House Of Representative members.

Here is an ex page explaining her ordeal.

TE:   ” It’s an ill wind that blows no good “, was there anything good that you could uncover, PBCC ?

There sure was, Congress has a slush fund of millions of taxpayer dollars to pay the staff members that members of Congress molest or assault.

Tulsi was right when she said the Democrats are full of rot.  I would also include the Republicans.

One source suggests that the saying ” you want some candy little girl/boy ” originated in the United States Congress.

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