It’s a caravan.


The Editor: How did you learn about water, LL ?

H20 Cat: You need to be knowledgeable of problem areas. Here is where the world’s fresh water is located. It is more information than most loyal readers need.

The Great Lakes contain 21 percent of the Earth’s surface fresh water.

A big problem is getting clean water for over half of the world’s population. Water from air conditioners would be an improvement for millions of people.

Here are some interesting facts about American consumers.

Don’t waste water.

Be careful of frozen/freezing water.

This link is interesting, it discusses ways to drink water.

Hydration Summit Homepage

Water in America is in danger.

TE: Are cats worried about a water shortage, H20C ?

We couldn’t care less. In all the history of the world cats have only used a gallon of water. Water is a necessity and at times trouble.

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