The Editor: Is space really the final frontier, LL ?

Eleventh Dimension Cat: Who knows. Here is the logo of our new Space Force.

Why, yes, the new Space Force logo does look exactly like the Starfleet Command logo

Space gets crowded.

Here is what liberalism will get you. New York wants to charge you to watch the stars/space/sky. The moon’s rate would be a dollar for each quarter showing.

New York Requires Citizens to Obtain ‘Stargazing Permit’ To Admire the Stars in Public Parks

Did you ever wonder why the Chinese are making so many advances in technology ? Our research universities are farming out research project to guess who ?

Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology

The Russians are still up there.

Here is some galactic news. I have always been puzzled why Steve and Venus have anti-gravity scooters, but XL5 uses railroad tracks for take off.

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