The Editor: Are the Summer Olympics in Tokyo really going to be in the nude, LL ?

It Has To Be True Cat: They sure are, I read it in the New York Slimes. The Tokyo officials will give away so many condoms that many doctors will operate without latex gloves.

A big problem will be the beds the athletes use. They are made of cardboard, and the manufacturer advises that they will not support the weight of Threesomes having sex. They will probably use the wrestling mats for group sex.

I know this to be true, it was reported on CNN. Katie Hill, and Judge Dawn Gentry will offer suggestions that the athletes use Court House Benches and House of Representative Desks for sex.

The Olympics should withhold any medals from protesters.

What is the Olympic opinion on this ?

Sanctioning Cheating in the Name of ‘Fairness?’

America’s teachers, politicians, and Texas College Professors should enter the sex contests. So many threesomes ( thruples ) are going on that America looks like a convention for triplets.

After PED ( performance enhancing drugs ) equipment is the next target.

Some of these people are creepy enough to be Democratic office holders.

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