The Editor: How do the Democrats pick a nominee, LL ?

Super Delegate Cat: They go to the schools that teach the best Karl Marx ideology and pick a student with the least morals or scruples. A police record is an asset. I’m just kidding, here is the actual way.

Here is their convention location.

TE: Were there any interesting things at the Senate trial, SDC ?

Hives Cat: Most of the Dems developed a red, itchy hives-like condition. The CDC at first thought it might be Coronavirus brought in by a Chinese courier delivering campaign money. It turned out to be just an allergic reaction to this item, most dems have never been exposed to.

This was the most searched item, on the internet, by the dems during the fake trial. They had never heard it before.

The dems are trying to steal Bernie’s nomination again, like they did against Hilloser.

Nancy Pelosi Discreetly Gives a Warning to Democrats About Supporting Bernie Sanders

There is another war going on–whether we keep the Constitution or not. Trump is our current day Patton.

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