San Fran Nan Pigleosi is a miserable creature, with no class.

Loyal reader MST pointed out Pigleosi tearing up a copy of The Constitution at the SOTU.

‘Drop the Mic’ Fail: Jonathan Turley Destroys House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Post-SOTU Speech-Ripping Stunt


Nevada isn’t going to use the app that Iowa used. Rumors say that every fourth vote was switched electronically to Hillgal. The dems wouldn’t let DHS test the system. First the poll was not released last week and now this. They are screwing the Bern.

The Iowa Caucus Delivers No Results Due to Failed App Technology Ushered in by Hillary Clinton Operative

Merry Litmas: Rand Paul Puts ‘Whistle-Blower’ Eric Ciaramella on Blast From the Senate Floor


The Editor: What is our new policy, LL ?

Frugal Cat: I’m ONLY going to mention words or phrases that have significance in normal social interactions.

TE: Can you give some examples, FC ?

Merriam-Webster Cat: I sure can, I’m going to start with these. They are used so often that they have no meaning. Racist, Hitler, White Nationalist, Right Wing, Nativist, climate change, global warming, assault weapon. LGBTQ or any variation, anything other than male/female sex or gender, Trump this or Trump that—give me an example of the social or legal violation.

Here is Pocahontas playing hide & seek.

Tell Me What You Think: Did Elizabeth Warren Hilariously Try to Hide Her Face in Private Jet Shame in Iowa? (Video)

TE: Can you eliminate them and still report accurately, MWC ?

Now That’s Lit! NRSC Releases Powerful Video of Dems’ Impeachment Push From First Day of Trump’s Presidency

Oxford Dictionary Cat: No, but my links will have some of them, our loyal readers will be forewarned. People in the news who are known pathological liars or psychotic, according to their actions over the past three years, will also be noted. Currently they include anybody named Clinton, Pigleosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Feinstein, Kamala, Elizabeth Warren, Sanders. any Biden except Baby Love Child Arkansas Biden. Hawaii Senator Hirono is the fool for today.

Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono: I Don’t Care About Trump’s Pesky Little Constitutional Defense

TE: What about the people on CNN, MSNBC, TV, newspapers, and cable hosts ?

We don’t discuss the sexual peccadilloes or preferences of opinion-givers, if it is with consenting adults. There is nothing wrong with that. Rumors in the entertainment industry say that this new fashion is already worn by all men on CNN and MSNBC. They are certainly on the cutting edge of fashion.

We don’t want to be indelicate, but this fashion wear might be best described as a Caveat emptor, ( let the buyer beware purchase ).

How to Pee in a Onesie Without Wanting to Kill Yourself

You never know.

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