The real Hollywood Spartacus died.

Remembering a Legend: The Great Kirk Douglas Leaves Us at 103, But He Leaves Us With a Lot

Track the Coronavirus. Click each country to see the spread.

Chip Chip & Commie Sue Discuss Trump’s State of the Union Address


The Editor: Can you do a whole article on February, LL ?

Ash Wednesday Cat: I sure can. It is Black History Month. Experience some Black Culture.

The first week we had Ground Hog Day, The Super Bowl, Iowa Caucus, and Trump being free from the Democrat’s persecution. The third was also the anniversary of the ” the day the music died “. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, for our loyal readers that plan ahead.

We are showing some of the Super Bowl Show to let our loyal readers know that sex still sells, and millionaires still sit during the National Anthem.

We will try to find the winner of the Liberal Hack Tournament. I thought the sexual assault law suit would put the Lemon guy in front………………………. We have a winner.

Love It: Final of ‘Liberal Hack Tournament’ Is Today, Vote During the Super Bowl For Your Favorite

CONGRATULATIONS: ‘Liberal Hack’ Tournament Winner Is CNN’s Brian Stelter

As soon as Ole Joe drops out the investigation begins.

The Stench Will Rise Like Sulphur: Lindsey Graham Nails Down a Witness List as the GOP Go Hunter Hunting

San Fran Nan will seldom be heard from, for a while.

Opinion: President Trump Should Hold His Next Rally in Speaker Pelosi’s District

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