Spy Games: China Using U.S. University System To Steal American Technology


The Editor: Is there important fashion news, LL ?

Dior Cat: There is if you have more money than needed, here are some items for Valentine’s Day.

The LGBTQ community, Democrats, and the MSM are still trying to destroy your children.

Who knew ? Stay away from onesies.

Avoiding the Fly-Away Shirt Collar

The Kardashians are hurting mascara sales.

I hope they leave cat whiskers alone.

Every one has a statement to make.

Take Off That Offensive T-Shirt Right Now!

Barbie hasn’t seen a minority that she didn’t like.

Here are some old things.

Hamburger and other news.


  1. Mercy Me, Lois Lion…Did you click on that link showing the ready-to-wear from Dior? Did you notice the Blue Cotton Poplin Classic Collar Blouse that Dior is selling for $1400.00. I almost had a heart attack. I know I passed over those identical blouses on a mark-down rack at Walmart. I should have bought two.

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