Cocaine Mitch Prepares to Infuriate Democrats (Again) by Signaling He’s Ready to Get Back to Judicial Business


The Editor: Can you explain our title, LL ?

Language Cat: Here are some definitions that will help.

I think our computer has been hacked. Somehow Amigo’s password has been bypassed, and all I get is Thong. We will definitely get security working on that. From the definitions, it looks like all three are disturbances in which no one was killed. Here is the incident that started our investigation.

De Sousa seems to have picked up the behavior of the dems in Congress or even those running for dictator.


It Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At The Time. . .

The Russian hackers seem to have taken control of our files and included the uniforms of the crew members of Amigo’s boat. Rather than delete the entire article I will just print what we have. We can’t be as sexy as the Super Bowl Halftime.

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