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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend: Or Chip Chip Helps Tulsi Gabbard With Her Hillary Problem


The Editor: Is this about so long Joe Biden, say it is so, Joe—LL ? Do you dems still want to talk about the Bidens and Ukraine ?

Bubble Gum Cat: No, it’s about the Land Of The Utes, Utah, USA. Mitt Romney has adopted it as his home. The point of this article is to point out an advertising plan to sell condoms with advertising on them. Those ole Mormons are a resourceful bunch.

Taxpayers Freak Over a Government Condom Program Soaked with Sexual Innuendo – in the Least Likely State

Some of our loyal readers might remember Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum with the little cartoon included. It pays to advertise.

The cartoon in the article about Bazooka Joe could easily fit all the Democratic candidates.

This is a smart guy.

The Swiss have an immigration policy.

Here is a politician who told the truth–no big deal.

Mistakes are made all the time.

The Iowa Caucus Delivers No Results Due to Failed App Technology Ushered in by Hillary Clinton Operative

Trump said one for my baby, and one more for the road to November 2020.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Launch of the Solar Orbiter
Image Credit & Copyright: Derek Demeter (Emil Buehler Planetarium)

Explanation: How does weather on the Sun affect humanity? To help find out, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have just launched the Solar Orbiter. This Sun-circling robotic spaceship will monitor the Sun’s changing light, solar wind, and magnetic field not only from the usual perspective of Earth but also from above and below the Sun. Pictured, a long duration exposure of the launch of the Solar Orbiter shows the graceful arc of the bright engines of United Launch Alliance‘s Atlas V rocket as they lifted the satellite off the Earth. Over the next few years, the Solar Orbiter will use the gravity of Earth and Venus to veer out of the plane of the planets and closer to the Sun than Mercury. Violent weather on the Sun, including solar flares and coronal mass ejections, has shown the ability to interfere with power grids on the Earth and communications satellites in Earth orbit. The Solar Orbiter is expected to coordinate observations with the also Sun-orbiting Parker Solar Probe launched in 2018.

Tomorrow’s picture: sky divide