‘Time To Say;’ Where Do Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand on Non-Citizen Voting?


The Editor: Who is in charge, LL ?

Super Tanker Cat: I think that too often fools are in charge. Governments are on automatic pilot. They are like Super Oil Tankers, it takes twenty ( 20 ) minutes for one to stop. They run on their own momentum.

Understanding Design Of Oil Tanker Ships

Who in their right mind would let these dogs live ? It’s a tough job, but some dogs are killers. Take them to the Mayor’s house.

3 Dogs Captured After Terrorizing NJ Neighborhood

This is even sadder. All of these dogs have violent histories.

These dogs are like doctors.

A child of six is fair game.

EXCLUSIVE: Mother Says School District Called Police After 6-Year-Old Daughter With Down Syndrome Pretended To Shoot Teacher With Finger

Who is in charge, who is refilling ink and paper in this printer ? Momentum.

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