The Daytona 500 is Sunday.

Monday is Presidents Day.

This is what the Progressives and Republicans in South Dakota want for your children.

The Counterattack Is Underway


The Editor: Is this about the dems in Congress, LL ?

Commie Sue Makes Her Choice

Monarch Cat: No, it’s about deserving ones. Someone is whacking Mexicans, who are trying to protect the Monarch Butterflies.

Here is all you need to know about the dog show.

Fireflies are threatened.

Someone is killing horses in Florida.

Locust are still a big problem.

The Bald Eagle is making a come back, in Wisconsin.

The Georgia State Patrol ( speedus interruptus ) has been placed on the endangered species list. They lost an entire recruiting class for cheating. Adios

33 GSP Cadets Caught Cheating, Lose Jobs

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