‘Climate Change’ Made Me Do It!

Bombshell Report: Durham Investigating If Obama Admin and CIA under John Brennan Hid or Manipulated Evidence of Russian Meddling

Another champion of the dems and MSM achieves success.

Here’s the Valentine’s Day Montage of the Media Slobbering Over Michael Avenatti You Need In Your Life

Homeland Security Deploying Elite Border Patrol Units to Sanctuary Cities


The Editor: Is this about guns and things, LL ?

Semper Fidelis Cat: It is, but they hurt my ears. Things are happening in the final frontier

5G is causing some changes to our satellites.–a-13-trillion-mistake-n2560874

The Army is busy.

The Navy is busy.

Lockheed Martin is busy.

The Israelis are busy.

The Ruskies are getting frisky in the Final Frontier.

I wonder how many Congressional members read or listened to this ?

Vote Trump to save your Netflix.

Think the Socialists Won’t Take Your Netflix? Think Again

It must be a new age.

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