#WalkAway: Democrat Attends New Hampshire Trump Rally and Decides to Leave Her Party After What She Saw

‘Start Your Engines!’ Trump Lights Up the Daytona 500 to Chants of ‘Four More Years!’


The Editor: What is your title about, LL ?

Muckraker Cat: It’s about where the candidates stand on the issues. I only list the ones that I feel have a chance.

TE: Do you support anything they support, MC ?

Socialist Cat: A paper ballot is the only item. I hope Bernie makes it to the convention with three-quarters of the delegates needed. Nevada’s Caucus started on February 15, 2020.

Pop the Popcorn: NV’s Caucus Heading Full Speed Down SNAFU Highway

I like these.

Bad Idea: Wisconsin Wants to Extend Bars Hours Until 4 A.M. During DNC Convention.

Here is a grand place built in 1871. The homeless are about to take it over, like San Francisco. It will be another failed liberal location.

Demanding Answers: Business Owners In Grand Central Terminal Say Homeless Population Is Taking Over

Here is some Trump voting news.

Even With “Token” Opposition, “Massive Turnout” for Trump in Early Primaries

Anytime Americans hear the word “change” from a politician they should scratch them as a possible choice. It’s only entertainment and games.

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