The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Quick-Thinking Taxi Driver Saves 92-Year-Old Passenger From $25,000 IRS Scam

NASCAR should be banned from TV for not disqualifying drivers for hitting cars in front of them. Swap some paint, sure !!!


The Editor: Is our government corrupt, LL ?

Sidney Powell’s Confidential Letter To Barr Leads To New Review of Flynn Case

The Very Best Corrupt Government Cat: We have the best corrupt governments money can buy, local, state, and federal. Here is an average state government. They rob us blind and aren’t punished.

Here are some city problems.

The feds have given our health care production/oversight to the Communist Chinese. What a deal !!!!

Go Figure.

Congressional Scandals Galore!

The McCabe decision is a joke.

Graham is at least trying to get to the truth.

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Formally Requests DOJ to Have People Testify as to Crossfire Hurricane and FISA Abuse

TE: Do your reporters ever violate your policy, TVBCGC ?

Honest Cat: They do, here is a cub reporter who was accepting bribes. She had to go to Gitmo for some reeducation.

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