From: Hank Ashmore
The Deplorable Infidel




The national media are flabbergasted that Americans won’t consent to President Trump’s removal from office. How can so many of his compatriots be indicted and so many governments bureaucrats condemn his behavior without giving them what they desire: self-assurance that they are “on the right side of history”? If they ever wish to understand, the critical starting point in their education is not the current presidency, but the last one. Although there are numerous ways to describe the present divide in America, one of the simpler is thus: those Americans who take Barack Obama at his word that his presidency was historically “scandal free” and those Americans who see the unrelenting stream of Deep State attempts to take down President Trump as a continuing coup and the natural extension of an unethical, criminal, and at times unconstitutional Obama presidency.

For those of us in the latter camp, Barack Obama presided over a corrupt administration and used his historic election as the first non-white American president as a get-out-of-jail-free card to abuse his power while silencing his critics. Whatboutery is frowned upon now that President Trump is in office, but if President Trump had done a tiny percentage of what Obama orchestrated, he actually would be in federal prison. Imagine what would have happened if President Trump had done the following:

  • Used a recession to bilk a trillion dollars from the public to stuff the pockets of campaign donors like Solyndra
  • Facilitated Agent Brian Terry’s murder by arming the Mexican cartels
  • Targeted Americans citizens for assassination without a whiff of due process
  • Lied to voters that their doctors would be protected and premiums reduced, while illegally funding Obamacare and covering illegal aliens’ health care
  • Stolen from victims of Iranian terrorism by plundering escrow accounts protected by law while handing over $1.7 billion in untraceable European currency and planeloads of American cash, releasing twenty-one Iranian convicts, and shutting down a decade-long DEA operation against Hezb’allah’s double-whammy assault of smuggling cocaine into the U.S. and financing terrorism against us, all for the glory of an “Iran deal”
  • Spied on reporters while putting a record number of their sources in jail
  • Used the IRS as his personal gang of thugs to target conservatives before the 2012 election
  • Allowed a 9-11 anniversary terrorist attack to unfold without sending reinforcements while falsely blaming the four resulting American deaths on a You Tube video and American free speech
  • Sent an untold number of American veterans to early deaths through widespread negligence and corruption at the V.A.
  • Protect his attorney general who lied to lawmakers on the president’s behalf so persistently that Democrats joined Republicans to make him the first A.G. to be held in contempt of Congress
  • Protected his CIA director, who spied on lawmakers and lied about it
  • Protected his director of National Intelligence, who illegally spied on all Americans and lied about it
  • Protected his heir apparent, who used an illegal and compromised email server and lied about it
  • Promoted his U.N. ambassador to national security advisor for unashamedly circuiting Sunday-morning talk shows peddling demonstrable lies to the American public
  • Had members of the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood in his administration
  • And all of this while betraying his oath of office by vigorously attacking Americans’ constitutionally protected free speech, religion, and right to bear arms; squeezing colleges and private companies to submit to his socialist vision; and punishing his ideological foes by using a corrupt Justice Department and FBI to hunt his enemies

If President Trump had done all this and everything else Obama pulled off, well, then the American media might finally see how luminous the federal government’s corruption over these many years truly has been. Instead, not only have they rebuffed Obama’s critics as mere racists, but they flood their editorials and airwaves with the commentary of the very actors who took part in his crimes. Never before have we seen intelligence chiefs and justice department officials so quickly run to television studios to demean themselves as propagandists intent on protecting the last president by taking down the present one.

J.B. Shurk



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”

-Walter Williams-



The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have filed for bankruptcy due to the numerous lawsuits resulting from sexual assaults on young scouts. This was inevitable after BSA was forced to install pedophiles as scout masters. The far-left could not tolerate an organization with values such as love of God, love of family, and love of country influencing the youth of this nation. It had to be destroyed. Now, they have succeeded.



Mike Bloomberg is just an American George Soros, who wants to destroy the Constitution.


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