Wassamatta U Celebrates Student Diversity

Sotomayor has just politicized the Supreme Court. I hope Trump gets to replace her and two (2) more.


The Editor: Have you been researching your ancestry, LL ?

Way Back Cat: I was researching my human family and found this little firebug. I’m sure the name Leon or Leona is involved, somehow. Names like elections have consequences.

Lieawatha doesn’t believe in our XX-XY ancestry.

Elizabeth Warren Announces Support for the Destruction of Women’s Sports, It Doesn’t Go Well

Here is another sad story. Socialism and unending state power are Bernie’s goal, just like this Canadian teenager’s story.

Here are some items about our buddies with antlers.

Some Trump supporters engaged pigeons to spread the word, among other things.

Ahead of the Democratic Debate, a Vegas Trump Group Released Pigeons Wearing MAGA Hats – and One Sporting a Tiny Donald Trump Wig

A company’s secret is sold.

Who spends money on these ?

Those ole sixties.


  1. I would love to see Trump replace Gay Gal Sotomayor. Can you just imagine our SCOTUS if Queer Mayor Pete were to get elected, accidentally or through typical DNC manipulation? They would change our flag to rainbow colors and our National Anthem to “I Was Born This Way” by Lady Gaga..

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