This is funny.

This is what is being taught in public schools. The colleges/universities are even worse.


The Editor: Do you have an opinion on education, LL ?

X Cat: No, I’m a cat. I do know one thing, when you don’t try your best, and don’t have the right tools, success is a stranger.

Standards Are the Enemy: A Parent Describes His ‘Emerging’ 2nd Grader’s Report Card. See If You Can Figure It Out

When standards are lowered, results are less than they could be. Even spelling has rules.

These letters were confusing, the team eventually gave the hats to the Democratic National Convention.

TE: Can spoken language be as confusing, XC ?

Yute Cat: It sure can, here is an example of two people speaking English. Twenty ( 20 ) million illegals in America speak only Spanish.

Whose children will be prepared for life’s challenges ?

San Francisco middle school descends into ‘Lord of the Flies’ environment

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