The Editor:  Do you know what evil is, LL ?

Supremes Cat:  There seem to be different definitions.   It is like what Potter Stewart said about pornography,  ”  I know it when I see it. “

Evil seems to be like assault weapons, it needs to be defined each time it is used.

TE:  What is Evil to you, SC ?  How do you fight it ?

I Believe Cat:  To me Evil is influenced by fallen angels/demons/Satan that want to take control of my soul/spirit.  They want to take away one of the best things that my creator gave me–the right to make my own choices. (Free Will)

Nice Cat:  You fight it by being nice, mannerly, respectful, polite, and courteous.  Ignoring these qualities is an open door to let Evil in.  It is like a gateway drug to a terrible future.  Don’t be mean, be nice like Trump.  Sometimes you have to smite the evil.

Chuck Schumer is the perfect demon, Satan’s little helper.  He should be exorcised.

Here is a movie star who sings about the Devil.

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