Here is what Pigleosi and the Dems were doing while Trump was fighting the coronavirus.


The Editor:  What is how many about, LL ?

Ute Cat:   Ilhan Omar got married again.  How many brothers does she have ?

TE:  Do you think she and her family will move to Utah, and take advantage of a less criminal polygamy law, UC ?

The law is so confusing that I don’t understand how anyone could be prosecuted under it.  Maybe that is why Mitt Romney needs mental care.  I sure hope he doesn’t  also marry Ilhan.  I hope she doesn’t hate the LDS members like she does Jews.

How many Democrats in the MSM does it take to find a true news story ?  No one knows, but here is a scoop on them looking for a fact.  The Sphinx  has reported many times that you can’t have a functioning society with people who have no morals or constructive values.

How many Florida politicians who came in second in the governor’s race were found in a situation ?

How many drug cartel members did we arrest ?  Diversity and open borders are great.

How many Iranians are dying because of their religious leaders ?

This is a great call to prayer, modern day Iranian leaders have added a phrase that they stole from our Democratic party ” Death to America “. 


Trump avoids Brutus & Cassius Wuhan Virus at the press conference.


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