Archive | March 18, 2020




The Editor:  Are you ready for some tough questions, LL ?

Jeopardy Cat:  I am.

Are you going to continue harassing Biden about his mental issues ?

Sure, if he has mental issues now is the time to point them out.  If by a miracle he did win, unelected slime creatures would be in charge.  His Cabinet would make decisions for him.

Why do the Democrats want to cancel the debates when only a portion of the delegates have been selected ?

They don’t want Biden to be on stage longer than a few minutes.  He has trouble remembering things.  Biden needs over one-thousand  ( 1,000 ) more delegates to get the nomination.

What is going on with the Latinx name ? 

The Progressives/Democrats want to rename the Latinos/Hispanics.  It sounds like Spandex or some drug to me.

What were the Demodungbeetles doing when COVID-19 first appeared ?

They spent months  lying, cheating, and breaking the law to impeach Trump when they could have been working on the virus.  Remember, Pigleosi held up the process for over a month.

Why do we get so many vital products from Communist China ?

The Sphinx has reported on this for years.  Congress sold us out for money and all expenses paid fact-finding trips to Paris.

There is no question that this duo had the time of their lives.