The Editor:  Are bats helpful, LL ?

Upside Down Cat:  They sure are.  They pollinate a lot of plants, and eat a lot of insects.  They got a bad name during the Middle Ages.  The early Catholics were big on bats and Hell.  Here is a short piece about the Catholics, and then a short history of bats.

Here is a little information on why bats carry so many viruses.  Interestingly, Wuhan, China is mentioned.  They have a class 4 research laboratory.  Maybe it’s only a 3.5.

TE:  Do you believe the Nese, UDC ?

Get That Mirror Away From Me Cat:  They are in the same group of Democrats that I won’t mention until the conventions are over.  Hollywood had the first real evidence of Evil, bats and dems.  The trailer even shows the dungeon where the dems voted on the secret impeachment resolutions.

Here is one of my Israeli reporters that was bitten by a democrat.

Texas is America’s bat haven.

I hope I can stay alive long enough to see Trump finish his second term.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—–BATS

  1. You are so right, Lois Lion. The first comments people make are: We need to kill all bats. We need to kill all mosquitoes. We need to kill them all because they are spreading viruses. Why does no one ask… who or what… started the virus? Some idiots in Africa decide to have Jungle Sex with monkeys which created HIV/AIDS so they want to kill off an entire species of mosquitoes. China feeds Corona infested bats and rats to their black market for human consumption which created this new CHINESE VIRUS…now everyone wants to kill all the bats. San Francisco will eventually suggest killing all rats because they are eating the homeless people…WHO THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT!!! This is exactly why people are not really at the top of the food chain….Buzzards and Maggots are…because People are stupid.

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