The Editor:  Is this about Lookout Mountain, LL ?

See Seven States Cat:  No, but that is a good idea.  See your local sights instead of any Disney property.  Look out for this.

This was a great explosion.

This is an old eruption.

TE:  The big eruptions sure do look dangerous, SSSC.

They are.  If the Yellowstone Caldera blew the FBI & CIA might detect it, unless they were busy forging evidence.

TE:  If you can’t find hand sanitizers, and at least a 70 percent alcohol content by volume is needed to kill the contagions will two ( 2 ) shots of forty ( 40 ) percent vodka by volume work ?

Vodka Cat:  Two of those shots wouldn’t work.  Wash your hands often, and stay away from crowds.  Don’t waste the vodka.

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