I can’t wait until Karma visits these miserable creatures.


The Editor:  Is this about the letter ( w ), LL ?

Grammar Cat:  Yes, things that start with ( w ).  What does this remind you of?  The most magnificent mountains in the world have been unseen for decades, because of pollution.  The people woke up one day and thought they were on drugs.

I hope one day to say the same thing about the corrupt Obama slimes.  Maybe this guy and Durham are clearing the pollution.

What does a cough look like.

I hope this is what it will look like when the scandals are uncovered.

Trump is in quarantine with Melania, Bill is with Hillary.

Where is the Progressive Democratic face of the party now that Communist Bernie is almost history ?  Here she is Cardi B Scissor Hands.

Those dems and Cardi B.  Nobody does it better.

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