Fauci’s NIAID funded $3.7 million dollars to the Wuhan, China laboratory.


The Editor:  Is this about Humpty Dumpty, LL ?

Fake  Cat:  The truth will never be known about the Wuhan Virus.  Anyone who dies with other health complications is listed as a Wuhan death.  Anyone who dies at home is listed as a Wuhan death.  Here are some interesting articles.  Without a positive test it is as make believe as Humpty Dumpty.

TE:  Did you hear about Land O’ Lakes changing their Princess logo, FC ?

Native American Cat:  I sure did.  They changed the pretty Princess a while back to look like Hillary wearing a head band that she stole from Elizabeth Warren.  Now they are ditching Hill-princess for some cows-which is an improvement.

Here is another classic, the college photo of the great American Governor of Virginia.  He is dressed in blackface and wearing a Kappa-Kappa-Kappa hat and sheet.  Vote Democratic

It’s time to start America up.  It will take a lot of energy.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion….What a horrible looking logo change for Land O Lakes. What kind of farmers are they praising, Catfish farmers? They should paint the picture as “after dark” and at least have a Cow Jumping Over The Moon.” Better yet, Put Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Pocahontas, Madonna, Ellen, Smollett, etc. on the box. That will, perhaps, please the African Americans, Native Americans, Hollywood, Lesbians and Queers. They could leave one blank face so people can draw in their preference. I am so sick of the word Racist. My favorite butter has gone from Land O Lakes to Land of Fakes to please the cry babies of the world. I hope they go down the famous trail of The New Coke.

  2. I am going to open my own little dairy, Lois Lion. I will have the Creamiest butter from
    the healthiest Cows so my butter will be Kosher. Creamy butter from Kosher Cows. That will be my reputation. Of coarse, we have to stay away from racist words that begin with C, like Caucasian. So I will go with Kreamy, Kosher, Kows. Well…would you look at that..KKK!

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