The Editor:  Are you having problems or reporting on problems, LL ?

Red Dragon Cat:  I think the Red Chinese Communist Coronavirus, Covid-19, (SARS-CoV-2) Red Death from Hubei, China might have infected our computer.

TE:  Why do you think that, RDC ?

The Chinese references in my articles keep popping up names like Bang Ding Ow, and other odd names.

TE:  Your computer’s memory has Joe Biden Syndrome (JBS).  It is confusing past events with current reality.  It looks like your computer is picking up Chinese names from this professional news organization in San Francrasho, California.

What can I do ?

TE:  Make sure you don’t accidentally access these sites, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and most MSM sites.  They are all infected.

Infrastructure Cat:  Here is Pigleosi and her pump-licking buddies remedy for rebuilding our bridges, roads, airports, etc.  The money saved by these techniques will be used to support mail in ballots and ballot harvesting.

This lost art will save billions to be better spent on harvesting those pesky ballots.  The walk-bridge will help do away with polluting autos.

These Electrical Engineers can come here on visas and build our 5G network

Our new airports built on Pigleosi’s money investment plan will land planes on our beaches at low tide.  This will be in harmony with Mother Earth, and require no asphalt, flight attendants, or control towers.

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