Here is how secure Pigleosi’s mail-in ballots are.


The Editor:  What is this about, LL ?

Smithsonian Cat:  It’s an experiment in foretelling the future, like prophesies in the Bible.

Cuomo shows his real side.

The MSM and Democrats are already trying to keep America closed another year, or that failing closing again in August ( the regular flu season ).

Remember when the calls for mandatory vaccine start, Congress has given the vaccine manufactures immunity from liability.  You can’t sue them for autism, death, disability, or anything else unless you prove that the vaccine was deliberately made to do harm.  Good luck with that.

TE:  What can we do, SC ?

Space Cat:  You can take life like a man/woman.  People have been surviving pandemics since day one.  The people with other health issues should stay home, the rest of America needs to get busy.  You can forget another closing.  The Texas Lt. Governor has some old Texas spirit, like the Texas Ranger and the riot.

This judge needs to try politicians who work in Washington, D.C.

We play the scene from the movie “Giant” a couple of times a year.  It features Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor, and James Dean.


  1. People who take the vaccine for Chinese Wuhan Covid -19 Virus are STUPID. They have gotten ZERO correct about this virus. Tests showing positive negatives and negative positives. Wrong model, right model? Wear the mask, don’t wear the mask. Stay inside, Go outside. SAY NO TO THE VACCINE!

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