The  Editor:  Is stupid the topic today, LL ?

Go Figure Cat:   Either that or psychotic.  The Progressive/Democrats need to be sent to Wuhan for re-education.  Read the following link.  Normally The Sphinx wouldn’t report the gruesome facts of this case, but a cat has to do what a cat has to do.

This creature should have been euthanized after his conviction.  He would have been released in April,  except for one vote.  The Progressive/Democrats are insane.

New York opened their doors.

The press probably paid this idiot to kill her husband.

Blasio and wife take a walk.

This looks like a violation of a state supporting a religion.  They should have reminders for all believers.

Maybe the good Democrats will make this mandatory.  Um, um, good.

YouTube is also a monopoly, break it up.

Adolph Whitmer should be Joe’s Vice President, what a liar, cheater, and rodent.

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