The Editor:  Are your names fit for a family paper, LL ?

Wat de Fuk Cat:  That’s my Asian name.  They sure are.  My first names will be hard to beat, race horses.  They have great names.  If you keep scrolling the worst dressed golfers appear after the horses.

Organized crime nicknames are almost ” untouchable “.  We should make democrats have similar names.  Pigleosi would be Shopping Cart Nan.  After the IRS got through auditing her, the cart from the ice cream store would hold her possessions.

The Eternal Rulers of North Korea have some great names.  They all sound like some type of sex group.


They should also forbid any money to any voting programs whatsoever.

Amazon gets a pass from government regulations to buy from China.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX——-NAMES

  1. I like Ears Obama’s Grandma. She told the camera man in a live interview that she remembered when he was born in that little mud hut in Africa. They moved to shut that interview down quicker than Hillary in a game of Presidential Musical Chairs.

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