The Kentucky Derby has been post-poned.


The Editor:  Is this about Ivory Soap, LL ?

Statistic Cat:  No, it will turn out to be a whitewash by the media.  The Wuhan panic is a media driven attempt to harm Trump.

Thousands of people are listed as Wuhan deaths when it isn’t the cause of death.

TE:  Are there other things going on, SC ?

It’s About Time Cat:  Here is some news about General Flynn.  The people with knowledge of the lynching include Obama, Lynch, Rice, Brennan, the love birds, Rosenstein, Clapper, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, and a few other FBI and CIA employees.

De Blasio and Cuomo are in control.

Here is a dramatization of the DNC sticking with Ole Joe.  Loyal reader MST sees a Clinton in the woodpile.

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