It will be nice if this day isn’t mentioned.   American restaurants and bars promoted it to sell more liquor.


The Editor:  Is that your title, one word, LL ?

Uno Cat:  It is for today.  I don’t trust any banks, people, bureaus, institutions, and especially government agencies of any kind.  They have to earn it.  In God I trust.  Here is good ole Harvard University saying that parents should not home school their children.  What a bunch of  self-righteous  dung beetles.

They want to brainwash your children, to instill their non-religion and non-values in them.  It starts in preschool.

Don’t trust your landlord.

I trust Joe.

Here is a big race in Lock-Down-Land.  Trust the winner to not have a thruple.

I trust the Washington Post, owned by Bezos and Amazon,  to lie.  Break up the monopoly.

Doug Collins is looking good in Georgia, USA.

You can trust Susan.

Susan is still asleep from her Obama service as National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador.  An indictment from the Durham investigation might wake her up.

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