The Editor:  What is going on in DC, LL ?

Sunshine Cat:  The coup facts are coming out.  it will take me a day or so to get the relevant information.  More of ole Joe’s sex assault is found, in court records.  How about that.


The Editor:  What is did about, LL ?

Language Cat:  Did the Honorable Governor of West Virginia use the ” F ” word?  You be the judge.

He should have said that he was thinking of his opinion of Pigleosi and Schiff.

TE:  LC, he might have been thinking of Dawn in Kentucky, just next door.

Did the exclusive school in DC, that cost influential people over forty-thousand ( 40,000 ) dollars a year,  get some taxpayer Wuhan Flu money?  They sure did, this is the school where Presidents and rich MSM employees send their kids.

Colleges and universities get their share, but refuse to return students their fees for cancelled classes.–universities-awarded-125-billion-in-coronavirus-bailout–who-can-get-it-and-how-much/#e1c95de3181e

The Democratic House Committee couldn’t get Fauci to testify about the Wuhan Flu so they got a confessed sex abuser.

The presumptive Democratic Vice President candidate admitted that the New York City subway system was a major reason the Wuhan Flu spread so rapidly.

The Governor of New York wants to tax the earnings of hospital volunteers who came from other states to help out in the crisis.  Socialism is like water–it seeks its own level.  This is the same guy who sent infected seniors back to nursing homes.

Florida has a serious fire.

New York, California, and Illinois want more of your great-great-great grandchildren’s money.  They have been bankrupt for years, just like America.  They need a little more money.

A whole lot of spending money.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—DID

  1. Well, it sounds as if Governor Jim Justice may have used the “F” word. He was elected as a Democrat….but wised up and switched to the Republican Party, So….I forgive him for the word. If I had to put up with a neighboring state run by Ralph (Blackface/KKK) Northam..I would probably use that word frequently.

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