The Editor:  Are things bad, LL ?

Yes Cat:  They sure are, change OPEC to China and toasters to smartphones and this clip is up to date.

TE:  What’s the deal with The Red Dragon, LL ?

Import Cat:  We are their slaves.  In the past few months I have seen how dependent our government has made us on China.  I have reported on shortages of pharmaceuticals, respirators, ventilators, Purrell sanitizer, bottles,  and a dozen other things.  Now we have a shortage of monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.

Check the HOR Democrats and MSM rantings if you want monkeys.  Here are Nancy, Schumer, and Schiff.  In a couple of months they won’t know Joe Biden.

A blind man would be better than Joe.  The dems and America are in bad shape.


  1. You are right again, Lois Lion….Nancy, Schumer, and Schiff will not know Joe Biden after a short spell…he is being used as a placeholder. Do you remember when the Dems had their signs ready…(just waiting for Trump to make his selection for SCOTUS? They only had to fill in the name, the second the name was announced….Which they did, of coarse.)..IF…and that is still a big IF..they select Joe Biden as the nominee, they will already have the documentation ready to impeach him (25 Amendment) before he gets a chance to prop his feet on The Resolute Desk.

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