Chinese Facts About America—Our government approved all of this.


The Editor:  Is Cuomo still not running for President, LL ?

NYC Cat:  That’s what he says.  Maybe he could do better managing America than his nursing homes.

TE:  How did Cuomo come to your attention, NYCC ?

Three Lives Cat:  Amigo has an old Sphinx that we published when Obama got his health fiasco passed.  Amigo was going to open a final resting place for people to get eternal peace.  Some one checked our archives on the article.  These articles were searched.  The first is for poor people.

The second was for rich and influential people.

TE:  How do you know it was Cuomo who checked the files, TLC ?

TLC:   I like that, Amigo will name our new enterprise TLC.   We used the same company to check our files that the DNC used in Russia Gate.

TE:  Who will you get to operate your facilities, TLC ?

Amigo said that we would get Democratic HOR members or Senators.  He said that the only people they loved killing more than citizens too old and sick to vote, was to kill unborn or recently born babies.

TE:  Does Amigo  have any other ideas ?

TLC:  He wants to give an extra Republican vote in federal elections for each abortion.  Using 2017 figures that would be 828,000 extra Republican votes.


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