The Editor:  Do you know why Democrats/Progressives are mentally ill, LL ?

Space Cat:  They came from the Andromeda Galaxy, from outer space.

If our loyal readers have ever seen something on the ground that was too noxious to touch, but they did touch it with a stick, that is a Democrat like Pigleosi or Schiff.  Don’t touch them, run like the wind.

Here is another piece of Evil trash, along with some governors.

I have known Obama was evil since he wouldn’t let WW 2 veterans in wheelchairs enter an open air war memorial for WW 2 honors. His budget had shut down the government.

Some governors are evil.  One example is not letting a husband hold his wife of fifty years hand while she died in the hospital– Wuhan Flu quarantine.

This surfer escapes lockdown.

This mother and child did not escape.

Fresno can’t enforce stay-at-home orders.

The entire Obama circle of bootlickers are evil.  They tried to overthrow the government.


  1. I remember when jack-ass obama closed down those open air memorials….he is repulsive. He has always hated America and still does.

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