Readers on the Outer Banks should check their local forecast.


The Editor:  Have you located Joe Biden, LL ?

Franken Cat:  Our reporter-cat in Switzerland located Joe.  He disappeared to the same laboratory that Pigleosi goes to get her Botox shots.  Here is a secret video of his rebirth.

TE:  Were the doctors able to restore his human traits, FC ?

Virtual Cat:  They were able to make him appear virtually a human Democrat.  They couldn’t instill any sense of spirituality, morals, compassion, humility, and a bunch of other traits that would make him different from other Democrat Creatures.  He can function in social settings but has no Soul.

TE:  Does Joe or these other creatures have any virtues, VC ?

Sad Cat:  No, the whole group has no spark of anything other than self-preservation and other self-centered goals.  They are like sewer rats in a dumpster or swamp sows in a hog wallow.

TE:  Did your reporter need a  ” SWAT ” team to get the information, like the Mueller/FBI needed to arrest Roger Stone ?

SC:  No, they just knocked on the dungeon door.

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