Here is more of your average Progressive/Democrat governor.


The Editor:  What is more about, LL ?

Reptile Cat:  It’s about some things that our loyal readers want a follow-up on.  The first is the Tegu Lizard.

Don’t think the lizards are harmless.  Here is a video of their cousin The Gila Monster.

Here is another dangerous creature, and another Obama left-over hitting the road.

The NFL players need more time off.

AOC needs more time and money.

More freedom is returning.

More would be incomplete without Johnny Rocco speaking for all the Democratic Party run sanctuary states that can’t pay their pension funds and municipal bonds.  They want more of your kid’s money.  Vote Democratic.

It looks like Californians will have a problem being on campus in September.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-MORE

  1. Good morning Lois Lion….It sure is easy to visualize Johnny Rocco wining & dining with the Demonic Democrats.

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