RIP  Eddie  and Phyllis.


The Editor:  What is going on with ” Mistress “, LL ?

Sugar Mama Cat:  The Associated Press (AP) thinks they are still relevant.  The Sphinx hasn’t used any articles from them since they  merged their office with the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  They want to ban the use of ” Mistress “.

If they want to find out what words mean maybe they should look up journalist, reporter, truth, facts, honesty, fair play, honor, decency, manners, etc.  I wonder what they would call the taxpayer slush fund in Congress that pays victims of Senators and Congresspersons sex abuse.

Mistresses have been a big help to society over the eons, they keep men so busy that they can’t start wars.  Here is another view point and a former mistress.

These are two Energizers.

TE:  Do you have a final point to make, SMC ?

Archaic Cat:  What would Shakespeare say, (WWSS) ?

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