The South Eastern Conference ( SEC ) is getting ready for football.  Maybe we can see the Kentucky Cheerleaders.

The Sullivan guy is goofy.


The Assistant Editor:  Do you know about riptides or rip currents, LL ?

Ancient Mariner Cat:  Where is The Editor ?

TAE:  In Kentucky, doing a story on cheerleaders.

AMC:  I sure do, here is a story about a rip current in the Tar Heel State, and how to swim out of a riptide or rip current.

I hope Obama’s corrupt administration is in a rip current with the Durham investigation.

There are two ( 2 ) Joe Biden’s running for President.  Maybe that is why he can’t complete a thought.  They are fighting to see who is more black.  He probably has more personalities than Eve.

This was overlooked for the Kentucky Cheerleader Article.

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