Burn Baby Burn will be the slogan until all the gas stations are burned down.


The Editor:  What is happening in Minneapolis, LL ?

NBC Cat:  MSNBC says the rioters are not generally unruly, as the building behind him burns down.

The person broadcasting reminds me of Baghdad Bob, who was saying how well Hussein’s army was doing while American tanks were behind him ( in the war with Iraq ).

Another NBC report was that the rioters, arsonist, and looters were just protesting.

Senator Klobuchar has been mentioned ( one of Biden’s VP candidates ).

TE:  What did Trump mean when he said when the looting starts, the shooting starts, NBCC ?

Mind Reading Cat:  He meant that looters soon turn to killing people, as in shooting anybody.

TE:  Will candidate Joe Biden visit the Black Neighborhood in Minneapolis like Robert Kennedy did in Indianapolis after Martin Luther King was killed, MRC ?

The End Cat:  No.


  1. All the cities that are burning are Democratic controlled. RFK, JFK, and MLK would be Republicans today.

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