The Copy Girl:  What are great openings, LL ?

Tall Ships Cat:   ” Call Me Ishmael ” is a great opening.  The book is a perfect analogy for the MSM and Democrats trying to catch President Trump, instead of taking care of business.  Just change the color of Moby Dick to orange.

Another great opening is “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Rioting, looting, and shooting don’t get you much in the long run, only the thugs enjoy it.  Many average Americans won’t recover.

TCG:  Is there any good to come from the riots, TSC ?

Burn Baby Burn Cat:  No, the saddest part was to see Atlanta residents rioting, and ALMOST burning down the CNNSUX building.  During the sixties Hotlanta was the city too busy to hate.  The riots happened just a few blocks from these locations.

Atlanta was the world’s next great city a few years ago.  It had/has the most minority owned business of any American city.  Maybe Mayor Keisha-Lance-Bottoms can restore it.


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