Girl trying to be good !!!

Son trying to be good !!!

Dad trying to be good !!!


The Copy Boy:  What is ” will you ” about, LL ?

Watch Out For Alligators Cat:  Will anyone go to Disney World when the Magic Kingdom opens ?

If any of our loyal readers plan to go the Wuhan Chinese Government Red Death Flu rules will be in effect, six feet of separation, wear your mask, etc.  The masks will be great with 91 degree temperature and 78 percent humidity.  You probably can’t even ride the attractions with your kids.

If you want fireworks and excitement visit any city/state with Democratic mayors/governors.

One good thing is that the hosts on CNNSUX and MSNBCSUCKSWORSE can’t make the height requirements for the rides.  Neither them or the ex Democratic Presidential candidates will be there to harass you.   Amigo said he hopes them and ABC ( a division of Disney ) go bankrupt.  Be careful of the gators.

TCB:  Do you agree with the pay adjustments that company management receives, even if they beat their wives, WOFAC ?

No.  The College Football Hall of Fame is closing for a time.

Baseball has some choices to make.

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